Thursday, October 27, 2011

Poetry Woes

I bet you had onions for lunch,

I am not sure, it’s just a hunch.

So I offered you some gum

And now I feel dumb.

There you go, chomping away.

Why is it me that has to pay?

I bite my tongue,

Wish I was numb.

It annoys me a bunch,

How loud that you munch.

You sound like a horse

And I’m filled with remorse.

I gave you my last piece,

If only the flavor would cease.

The incessant noise;

Clearly you have no poise.

And as I sit

Trying not to have a fit,

I grit my teeth.

Never again will I give gum to Keith.


  1. I like that you play around with your writing, poetry, comedy, writing prompts. Which is your passion? It would be great to see MORE of your work featured here.

    I look forward to your next post.

    Patrick's Blog

  2. I am really just dabbling right now. I would love to be the next great humor writer but I am still waiting for inspiration. I am hoping to be more committed to this blog this year. Thanks for reading!